Digital Fitness Tracker and Scale

Looking for an accountability partner?

One that will track your progress, record all of your major milestones, and motivate you to keep optimizing your performance? The Beyond Wellness Digital Fit Tracker and Scale does just that! We know wellness is not simply about weight so our state-of-the-art fit tracker breaks down all of the important information you need to know and tells you exactly what's going on in your body.

Find out your metabolism.

Find out how your eating habits are speeding up or slowing down your metabolism. Learn how many of those extra pounds you think you've gained are actually just water weight. Discover how changes in your fitness routine are impacting your muscle mass and BMI. Your weight is just the beginning of your body's story. Get the Beyond Wellness Fitness Tracker and Digital Scale to unlock the rest.

Comprehensive Measurements

Body Mass Index
Muscle Mass
Water Weight
Skeletal Muscle
Bone Mass
Body Age
VIsceral Fat