Meet The Team

Karen Parmenter

President & Director

Karen Parmenter is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She was the clinical director of a crisis residential center in Orange County operated by Telecare, a major behavioral health company. After leaving Telecare, she developed a program to help high acuity clients maintain an at home lifestyle while still receiving near crisis level care. Recently, she has incorporated DNA analysis of specific mental health markers, as well as drug responses, to determine which medications will work best for treating different behavioral disorders. Karen is an avid fitness enthusiast and has used DNA analysis in developing her fitness routines and diet. She earned her bachelor’s in psychology from University of Arizona and her master’s in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. She is licensed in both Nevada and California.

Michael Manahan

Chief Financial Officer & Director

Michael Manahan is a financial strategist, consultant, and lecturer at California State Dominguez Hills. He served as chief financial officer for three publicly traded companies, has started and owned seven small businesses, and as an advisor has worked with more than 100 management teams. He is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Financial Management. Michael earned his MBA from Pepperdine University and his CPA (non-active) in Canada. He also completed all course work for a Doctorate in Organizational Change at Pepperdine University (ABD). Michael’s accomplishments include building accounting teams, preparing companies for audits and sale, leading due diligence on acquisitions and investments, raising capital, coaching CEOs and CFOs, creating projections and pitch decks, driving down costs and improving efficiency.

Dutch Deol

Chief Operating Officer

Dutch Deol is an Optics Program Manager for the Data, Power, and Control Division at Legrand France. Legrand France is a nine-billion-dollar publicly traded entity that sells everything from residential lighting controls to high-end data networking products. Controlling all aspects of the global sales channel, Dutch is responsible for an eight-million-dollar Profit and Loss. Dutch rose to this position after two separate company acquisitions. During these acquisitions, Dutch served as Chief of Staff for Approved Networks and Champion One. As Chief of Staff, he gained valuable insight into the business unit as a whole. This experience influenced his CapEx and OpEx decisions, leading to more effective business spending and a boost in Top Line Revenue and EBITDA. Dutch is passionate about helping companies achieve their maximum potential through intelligent and effective management-level decisions.

Harry Radie

Vice President of Relations

Harry has served over 40 years as a licensed investment professional dealing with retail and institutional clients as a Broker and a Principal. His expertise spans all aspects of the securities markets, including IPOs, PIPES, Trading, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Investment Banking, with a primary focus on emerging markets. Since retiring in June 2018, Harry has acted as a consultant to several emerging companies and startups.

Eric Mathur

Eric Mathur serves as Chief Science Officer of Diomics Corporation. His career spans 40 years in basic and applied biotechnology with a focus on translational science. His expertise encompasses molecular biology, genome sciences, environmental microbiology, molecular diagnostics and high throughput drug discovery. A serial entrepreneur in the early San Diego biotech industry, Eric participated in formation of several start-ups including Stratagene Cloning Systems (acquired by Agilent), Diversa Corporation (acquired by BASF & British Petroleum), and Synthetic Genomics (spinout Agradis acquired by Monsanto) among others. He is an accomplished biotechnologist with 50+ peer reviewed publications and over 100 issued patents. Eric’s passion lies in leveraging genomics, biologics & polymer technologies to develop science-driven nutraceuticals, plant-based-medicines and modern therapeutics.


Jayson Uffens

Jason Uffens has 20 years in technology developing products and platforms for start-ups, rapid growth companies, and enterprises. His engineering and leadership roles include Developer, Architect, VP, CTO, & CEO. He was Founder/CEO of IrisMind comprised of former Seamless/Grubhub engineers created to partner, develop and invest in vertical SaaS and AI startups. He developed an ML based fintech consumer analysis platform and sold $5M in licenses in 2016-2017. In 2018 he helped launch a startup named Streamlined. Equity partner and development team to build ML driven platform for deal management, document analysis, and automated data rooms to accelerate closing of VC and PE capital raises. The product is used by companies, law firms, and funds. He was the Lead Developer and Architect for PerfectPracticeMD (now AdvancedMD) driving product development. The company was acquired by ADP. He was VP of Engineering at Seamless leading rebuild of team & platform that accelerated product development taking the company from $300M to $1B in revenue and VP of Engineering for combined platform at Grubhub through merger, integration, and IPO for a combined $1.5B in platform transactions in 2014.