Beyond Wellness Fitness Test and Coaching Bundle

Beyond Wellness Fitness Test and Coaching Bundle

The Beyond Wellness Fitness Test and Coaching Bundle provides a clear and unique understanding of your body based on your genetic profile.

  • What You Get: Dietary, Fitness, and Wellness Analysis
  • How it Works: Easy-to-administer cheek swab → Detailed Analysis → 30-minute consultation with one of our Certified Wellness Coaches.
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    Description :-

    Work with a Beyond Wellness Coach to develop a clear understanding of your body’s needs and outline the specific lifestyle and fitness regimen you’ll need to optimize your training and performance.

    • 30-minute consultation with a dedicated Beyond Wellness Coach
    • Follow-up with specific supplement, diet, and training recommendations
    • Dietary carbohydrate and fat response
    • Ideal training type for fat loss
    • Dopamine and food reward
      The Beyond Wellness Fitness Test and Coaching bundle will provide everything you need to level up your fitness, fat loss, and performance. Your kit will include and easy-to-administer cheek swab with detailed instructions. Once your sample is tested at a state-of-the-art facility, you will receive a detailed report outlining the most important fitness-related variants in your genetic profile. A dedicated Beyond Wellness Coach will walk you through your results and, together, you will plan how to best adjust your lifestyle to optimize health and fitness. Find out how your body burns fat, responds to dietary carbohydrates and fats, reacts to key vitamins and minerals, and can naturally develop addictive tendencies.

      Results Are Fast And Easy

      Your Kit

      Your Cheek

      Your Swab

      It Back

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      Your Results

      What You Get

      eyond Diet

      • Carbohydrate Sensitivity
      • Lactose Tolerance
      • Caffeine Sensitivity
      • Dietary Fats Sensitivity
      • Alcohol Responce
      • Bitter Taste Perception

      eyond Fitness

      • Optimal Fat Loss Training Type
      • Aerobic Potential
      • Risk Of Injury
      • Recovery Efficency

      eyond Wellness

      • Risk Of Obesity
      • Cholesterol Response
      • Vitamin Deficiencies
      • Addictive Tendencies
      • Inflammatory Response